Our Mission

What does it mean Analytics?

Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. The results, that leverage on statistics, computer programming and operations research technics, will be able to quantify and even predict the perfomance. Results are showed using data visualization or traditional Business Intelligence tools.

In the last years, Business Intellingence, thanks to enabling technology, grows up hugely. Hence, company data can be analyzed in details and this has changed, slowly but continuously, company data in business assets.

Today we are facing a new changing. Analyze data, even if necessary, is not enough anymore to have a real advantage in the market. Nowdays there is the need of tools that:

  • Enable an effective presentation of analysis (Data visualization)
  • Enable the user to share the path of the analysis, not only the results (Storytelling)
  • Predict the performance in the future or allow to simulate different condition to verify the goodness of the choice that are about to be taken (Predictive Analysis)
  • Can handle lots of data, even not structured (Big Data)

Our Mission

Evolution BI strongly believe in the value of this new technology and offer himself as strategic partner in setting and handling company system, to introduce innovative tools that gives a real differentiating factor.

Thanks to the experience made with company that followed this path, we are sure to be able to support firm in different business sector that want to bring analysis to next level!

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